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Children and Growing Feet

We believe every child’s foot can benefit from a podiatrists screening. 

We advise all parents to read and consider the following:

  • Childrens Feet should not hurt
  • Footwear and foot function are important
  • Take special interest in the developing foot
  • Should children wear Orthotics?

Possible Symptoms of Growing Pains

  • Pain with activities, especially along the inside of the shinbone, ankle, and foot
  • Premature fatigue with activity
  • General avoidance of activity and sports
  • Leg pain, especially at night
  • Associated with lower back pain

Treatment can include:

  • Changing to more supportive shoes to help support the feet and lower extremity better
  • Custom molded prescription orthotic (shoe inserts) to realign the lower extremity. In many cases this will have a relatively quick positive effect on the leg pains these children are experiencing
  • Physical therapy to improve overall muscle flexibility and to improve muscle strength, coordination and balance